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Our internal and external European patent and trademark attorneys cover all technical fields. We have particular experience in optics and opto-electronics, electrical engineering, micromechanics, mechanical engineering and surcace technology.

  • Patents: Worldwide consulting, elaborating and defending of patents and utility models; worldwide nullity proceedings and opposing of patents and utility patents
  • Trademarks: Consulting, elaborating and defending of trademark registrations, opposing foreign trademarks
  • Designs: Worldwide consulting in case of design issues, filing and defending of design registrations, opposing foreign design registrations
  • Licenses: Consulting, drafting and negotiating license contracts
  • IP-Searches: Searching in worldwide databases in the fields of IP and technology
  • Lectures: In the field of IP law, especially european patent law, we teach and tought at:


  1. CEIPI of the University Strasbourg
  2. Europeian Academy of the EPO
  3. FOCUSSING(R)-Bootcamp
  4. Forum Institute of Management
  5. KMU Center Liechtenstein at the University of Liechtenstein
  6. TÜV Austria Academy GmbH
  7. University of Ilmenau (PATON)


  • Training: We employ IP assistants to train IP personnel
  • Placement Service: We place IP personnel nationally and internationally
  • Research: We assist research and development activities with our research capabilities and via personal consultation
  • Mediation: From our Swiss Office we offer Mediation in the field of IP