We currently have responsibilities for about 40 clients from Liechtenstein and abroad. Some of our longstanding clients:

Brusa Elektronik AG Highly efficient power electronics and motors for electric vehicles

Bystronic Systems and Services for laser cutting, waterjet cutting and bending

Eurobend SA CNC Machine Manufacturer for advanced bending machines for wire & rebar construction steel

IMT AG Engineering in the lines of:

Meyer Burger Premium provider of High-End production facilities and solutions for High-Tech industries such as photovoltaic, semiconductor- and optoelectronics with sustainable value

Protegas AG Hochentwickelte Plattform für Defensive Publikationen

Pharmaron AG Drug dosage form testing devices

Schleuniger Holding AG Leading machine manufacturer for cable processing

Straub Werke AG World-renowned manufacturer of coupling-  clamp- and spring-technology

TÜV Austria Akademie Provider of practically oriented courses and seminars on safety, engineering, environment and Quality

Xarion Laser Acoustics GmbH Producer of Laser-based acoustic sensors