Providing value to our clients and customers is our top priority.

Our customer commitment is symbolized in our black and yellow company logo to express endurance, persistence, defense preparedness and assertiveness, in the spirit of the whasps or bees.

According to our clients’ wishes and specifications, we strive to acquire the broadest possible intellectual property rights for them and energetically defend their intellectual property rights against opponents when required. When opposing foreign IP-rights we angeage

According to our service principles, we seek to provide:

Innovative strength, broad general knowledge and creativity which help us provide increment value for the benefit of our customers.
International operations in a well-tested and efficient team.
Background experience including years of experience, legal and technical know-how and interdisciplinary understanding and approach of all supervising employees.
Our team’s personal commitment.
Security in our productivity by clear definition of tasks and responsibilities and utilization of internal quality control methods.
Our understanding of customers’ problems from the viewpoint of industrial patent attorneys with years of experience.
Our reliability by pursuing implementation to ISO 9001:2000 certified management systems (in progress).

We have an ongoing commitment to continuing education of our employees, so that they may deliver maximum possible value to client services. Our firm is committed to continuous efforts at internal and external development that lead to optimized service, and with this to greater benefits for our customers.